Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Mars Enters Virgo

Anal Compulsion Disorder

Never seeing anything as half-full or half empty, just always a work in progress. Being unable to go beyond flaws and details. Germaphobic behavior. Motivated by critiquing and a constant need for perfection. Showing others they are wrong, so you can be right. Odd body tics.

Staying busy until December 7.

May result in a startling amount of personal progress in various areas of one's life, if compulsions are purposeful and organized.

Areas in which this compulsion is most likely going to strike:
Aries: Overall analness about your time, routines and health. An extra keen eye for details.
Taurus: Creative masterpieces get reworked, romance is put under the microscope and all-round unstable sense of self may hit.
Gemini: Sorting out your sense of security, sense of belonging and planting seeds that matter.
Cancer: Issues developed by deciphering between listening and hearing, over-editing yourself and learning new ways to communicate.
Leo: Extravagance giving way to frugalness, slow decision making and cross-examining one's self.
Virgo: Appreciating your vanity, avoiding anyone else having a subjective point of view and instilling your will everywhere.
Libra: Playing emotions like an instrument, profiting off escapist behavior and being able to read everyone that comes your way.
Scorpio: Judging those around you and everyone's humanity, being in an inventive mode and having extra voices sound off in your head.
Sagittarius: Needing to win at everything, seeking power in numbers and wanting recognition for all your efforts.
Capricorn: Reacting without thinking, needing to feed a deeper purpose and avoiding responsibility.
Aquarius: Learning by observation, embracing your intensity and being willing to let obsessions lead you.
Pisces: Seeking balance, defending your idea of justice and keeping style in the picture.