Friday, October 18, 2013

Full Moon Eclipse In Aries

There are going to be causalities.

Today begins the Aries and Libra eclipses that will continue into 2016. Yes, you read right, approximately 3 years of the forces of war and peace that will strike suddenly and periodically. It'll be as beautiful as reviling...and as for the dates for this to hit on or near, it'll be a 5 day window before and after or to the date a month prior or after:

October 18 2013 – Lunar Eclipse [25 Aries 45]
April 15 2014 – Lunar Eclipse [25 Libra 16]
October 8 2014 – Lunar Eclipse [15 Aries 05]
April 4 2015 – Lunar Eclipse [14 Libra 24]
September 28 2015 – Lunar Eclipse [4 Aries 40]
March 23 2016 – Lunar Eclipse [3 Libra 17]

These eclipses are the most relevant for Aries and Libra, bringing changes to identity and committed relationships. Whether is is work or personal, it's anyone's guess, but it's always about learning compromise, balance and command. There are many roles to maintain a healthy and productive relationship and in this cycle, you'll find out which ones suite you better, as it's time to update. Think of them as cosmic fastballs that you either hit or miss. Sudden decisions will come with an eclipse, so be ready to see the true strength of your impulses.

...And for tomorrow's, Aries and Libra born in their sign during the last week and a half of the sign's transit or have a rising sign of Aries and Libra in the later part of the degrees (which will need looking up by an astrologer or on the Internet with your birth time info on hand.) will be the ones with the highest chance of feeling tomorrow's lunar eclipse.

The next group after with the highest chance of affliction is Cancer and Capricorn (also later born and for rising sign), which will feel it in their home and career. This can bring a change of residence for work or dealings with family, foundations and status. But remember, eclipses bring opportunities or take them out. So, while one cycle can bring a vertical move, the next can pull a rug out from under you. It's all a throw of the dice with eclipses, as their lunar natures are moody.

...So, after that, there is Sagittarius and Gemini, Leo and Aquarius, Pisces and Virgo, and Scorpio and Taurus. Each will have a lower degree of eclipse action -- and if they are later born degrees in sun and rising. Sagittarius and Leo will be the next to feel some strife, but because it is an eclipse and they are known to work in twos--which in astrological terms, means the axis is the thing that gets affected. Think of it like a chain reaction. So, it's Sagittarius and Gemini, Leo and Aquarius--and an example of the eclipse can be a Sagittarius can meet someone they instantly connect with, but hooking up with that person can ruin a friendship.

With eclipses, there is never just one finite action and fast decision making is always a part of it. It's a test of who you are in that area of your life in which the eclipse strikes....And, if all that makes sense, great. If not, reread slower.

...And as for the other signs: late born Sagittarians and Geminis can expect love and friendship issues to clash. Late born Leo and Aquarians will deal with integrity and intellectual challenges. Later degree Pisces and Virgos will feel it with their security and intimacy. While late born Scorpio and Taurus issues dealing with health and day-to-day routines will go under the gun.